Michael Cleary

M.B., B.S. M.F.Hom

Practising: Homoeopathy, General medical practice

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Michael ClearyDr Michael Cleary has 25 years experience as GP in treating many illnesses, including: digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); chronic allergic conditions, such as hayfever and sinus, skin complaints; menstrual and menopausal symptoms; mens issues; as well as the many illnesses and issues for which a diagnosis is not known or unclear.

Michael has found that the best results in homoeopathy are obtained by using constitutional remedies. These are remedies which suit the patient’s makeup.  Constitutional remedies may not only support a person in their presenting illness or dis-ease, but also may be a preventative tool for future health problems that may arise.




Cancellation policy

Should you have to change your appointment to another day or cancel it for any reason, you will need to ring 9211 3811 at least 1 day prior, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply as follows:

  • More than 1 day notice: no charge
  • Less than 1 day notice: 50% of appointment fee charged
  • Missed appointment: 50% of appointment fee charged