Tanya Newton (Majzoub) – Traditional Chinese Medicine

M.TCM, Cert.TCM (China)

Practising: Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture

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Traditional Chinese medicine in sydney - Tanya Majzoub

Tanya has always had a keen interest in health, healing and preventative healthcare. She is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and has found that the holistic philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides a wonderful system for assessing and optimizing health and vitality. She believes that the physical, mental and emotional aspects of a person all need to be in balance for optimum health and wellbeing, and diagnosis according to TCM principles takes all of these aspects into consideration.

Tanya graduated from the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994, which included 3 months training at the Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou China. Since then she has continued to develop her skills with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Sydney, and has been in continuous practice other than a short break to have her child.

Tanya has extensive experience with a wide variety of both acute and chronic conditions, including but not limited to women’s health, male and female fertility issues, immune and autoimmune disorders, gut issues and musculoskeletal problems. She has a special interest in all aspects of women’s health.

Tanya has providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine services at the Wholistic Medical Centre in Surry Hills Sydney, since 1998, and enjoys working with their team of skilled and experienced practitioners.  She will recommend using either acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine according to your needs and her experience of what will work best for your condition. Your diet and lifestyle will also be considered and advice on these may be given.

Fully committed to providing the best care for her clients, Tanya has trained with a leading TCM liver specialist in Shanghai China, completed a Masters degree in TCM at the University of Western Sydney in 2008, and she continues to update and expand her knowledge by regularly attending post-graduate seminars and courses. She is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and is registered as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and AHPRA.

Tanya loves bushwalking, bike-riding, baking and skiing whenever she can.



  • Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine  2008 (Dean’s Medal) – University of Western Sydney
  • Post-graduate studies in liver disease 1996 – Shanghai China.
  • 4 year Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1994 – Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Clinical training at Red Cross Hospital 1994 – Hangzhou China.


 Cancellation policy

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  • More than 1 business day notice: no charge
  • Less than 1 business day notice: 50% of appointment fee charged
  • Missed appointment: 50% of appointment fee charged