Established in 1977, The Wholistic Medical Centre was the first medical centre in Australia to integrate mainstream general practice with complementary medicine.

Our practitioners

Our team of practitioners span 10 major healthcare systems, and integrate their treatment to offer you a range of options for your healthcare. We have found that no one thing works for everyone every time. So we increase your chance of success by using a combination of different approaches to suit your specific needs.Our practitioners work together in a way which allows for knowledge to be shared and fresh ideas to develop. This process is fostered by frequent and open dialogue between practitioners and through attendance at practitioner meetings.

The Way We Operate

The Wholistic Medical Centre has partnered with Wellshare, a specialist health care facilities manager. Wellshare has designed the new look and feel of the floor, furnished, decorated, and installed the latest digital services. From the 1st February 2023, Wellshare will look after practitioner recruitment and the management of practitioner support services.

Under the new arrangement, Wellshare introduced a digital check-in kiosk where you will find practitioners listed, tap their name then proceed to the reception area until you are greeted by your practitioner. Another important change is that each practitioner will look after their own bookings and billings individually. This means that there is no longer a need for a reception team.

Our commitment to you

We commit to offering all our patients the following five-points:

To offer a diverse range of well established healthcare choices with experienced practitioners
You will benefit from our knowledge and experience, developed over more than 35 years, of major healthcare systems. You will be able to choose the treatment that most appeals and has the best chance of helping you.

To work as a team to optimise your care
Our practitioners can draw on a range of different approaches and modalities through their professional interaction with each other. This allows a comprehensive and coordinated approach to give you the best possible care.

To work towards your health in partnership with you
We believe you should have a say in managing your own wellbeing. We will, therefore, be asking for your input and preferences in your treatment or choice of therapy.

To take the time to ensure you have an understanding of your illness
We typically spend longer with you on your first visit, because it takes more time to understand your thoughts and feelings, to take a thorough history, to conduct an examination, and to give you a clear explanation of your diagnosis.

To care for you in a friendly, comfortable and welcoming environment
Our premises are designed to be restful and relaxed. The Wholistic Medical Centre will not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation, disability or religious beliefs.