Healthy Green Soup recipe


1 Fennel bulb

1 Head of broccoli

1 Zucchini

1 Bunch of English Spinach

1 Bunch of Parsley – keep a little parsley to garnish.

4 Cloves of garlic

1 Tbspn olive oil

1 Tin of Chickpeas 440g

2-3 cups of stock (Vege or chicken – you choose)

Salt & pepper to taste

Optional – Nutritional Yeast or Parmesan


Chop garlic and fry gently in olive oil, add roughly chopped vegetables and stock. Ideally stock should just cover vegetables – I put everything in except the spinach then add stock to cover vegetables. Throw the spinach in on top as it reduces quite dramatically in size.

Simmer until tender. Add chickpeas, salt & pepper to taste. Blend.

A stick blender is ideal to create a fabulous green soup.

I like to add nutritional yeast just before serving or you may like to add parmesan.

Garnish with parsley.

By Lucy Bella – Wholistic Medical Centre Office Manager

How my ebike, affectionately known as “The Beast”, changed my world

On a trip to Canberra I hired an ebike to ”pootle” around (a term I had not come across before but my friend assured me was the correct description for ambling around on a bicycle with no express purpose or intention).

It was love at first sight – the Kalkhoff was a step-through with a generous sprung seat and ample carry basket at the rear, three power selections and a it was lovely charcoal gray. The top power setting meant that no hill was too steep for me to tackle.

We proceeded to ”pootle” around the city and suburbs and by the end of my weekend I was googling where I could buy one in Sydney.

Shout out to the Dutch Bicycle shop – Omafiets at 17 George St, Redfern.

My old Giant was retired and instead of just doing a ride on weekends I now began to commute to work. Luckily part of my journey to Wholistic Medical Centre goes through Centennial Park. This has become the highlight of my day – twice a day. On the morning ride I usually check in on the flock of geese to see what shenanigans they are up to and to listen to their communal honkings. On the return I get to whizz through the ghost gums with my lights casting eerie shadows.

I have found that my headspace is markedly improved by the big sky experience and the gentle exercise that commuting by ebike has offered me.

Then of course we come to the accessories – initially I had the high vis vest that all the construction workers wear but then my awesome daughters bought me a vest that was just a bit special (Hey Reflecto). I have added flashing lights to my helmet for night riding so I now feel very visible.

In the last year I have covered over 4000 kms on The Beast and worn out one set of brake pads. I would encourage anyone who is considering an ebike to visit your local bike shop and take one out for a proper trial ride.

Lucy Bella – Wholistic Medical Centre’s much-loved Office Manager

Wholistic Medical Centre welcomes Red Tent

We are delighted to announce that Red Tent is now providing their services from within the Wholistic Medical Centre. Red Tent have long been known for providing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and massage for women and their families, and have now joined forces with Wholistic Medical Centre.

We would like to introduce you to Rebecca Mar Young and Kyla Mayer, two highly qualified and experienced practitioners from Red Tent who have recently joined our team.


Rebecca Mar Young

Rebecca Mar Young is one of the co-founders of Red Tent. She supports pregnant and post-natal women, couples seeking fertility and IVF support, babies and children, as well as all aspects of women’s health. Read more 

Kyla Mayer

Kyla Mayer has a special interest in pregnancy, women’s health, fertility, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Remedial & Pregnancy massage & lactation support.

Read more


Please click on the practitioners to read more about them or to book an appointment with one of them online. Alternatively you can call the clinic on 02 9211 3811 and one of our friendly reception team will help schedule an appointment for you.