Helping fibromyalgia pain with Homeopathy

Conventional medical treatment for fibromyalgia is pain relief with analgesics, but a different approach may be to consider helping fibromyalgia pain with homeopathy.


Help fibromyalgia pain with homeopathy


Jenny*, a 45 year-old woman first came to the Wholistic Medical Centre with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She had seen her GP beforehand because she had widespread muscle pain and was finding it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep. The doctor had done extensive blood tests. When no abnormality was found she was put on an anti-depressant and referred to a psychologist. The anti-depressant did not improve the pain or sleep disturbance.

She was then referred to a rheumatologist who did a bone scan, an MRI and more pathology testing. Again, no abnormality was found. She was prescribed a strong drug for pain relief. She noticed that there was a slight improvement to the pain and thus she was able to sleep a little better.


A different approach – helping fibromyalgia pain with homeopathy

While her energy and muscle pain were marginally improved,  she preferred not to be taking the drugs, although she felt she needed them to make her life a little more bearable. Jenny then sought help at the Wholistic Medical Centre for her fibromyalgia pain with homoeopathy.

Over the months before coming to the Wholistic Medical Centre, Jenny undertook trials of dietary changes such as gluten free and sugar free and these gave her some improvement. More recently, frustrated with the medical approach, Jenny added magnesium orotate in high doses which gave a little extra improvement.

Before the advent of the fibromyalgia, Jenny had had a history of recurring ovarian cysts, for which she was being treated with an oral contraceptive pill. See below for the relevance of this in a homeopathic consultation.

After taking a lengthy history from Jenny, a constitutional homeopathic remedy was prescribed and instructions given on how to take it: drops under the tongue three times a day for two weeks and then we would review her progress. A constitutional remedy is the one which matches the person overall – taking into account the whole person, likes and dislikes as well as physical symptoms.

After two weeks she reported a significant improvement, so she was prescribed the same homeopathic remedy to continue. After another month she was able to halve the dosage of her strong painkiller, without the pain and sleep worsening. Over the next three months she stopped it completely and began to slowly reduce the antidepressant under doctor’s guidance.  After six months she had ceased both these drugs and reported that pain levels were almost non-existent.

She has since stopped the oral contraceptive pill and has had no recurrence of the ovarian cysts. This highlights an important aspect of homeopathic constitutional treatment – all aspects of the patient’s health should improve, not just their current problem.

Generally, the person does not need to take the homeopathic remedy forever and that was the case for Jenny. She has been able to stop the remedy and was guided that if she has a recurrence of the symptoms, the remedy can be resumed until the symptoms again resolve.

* Name has been changed

This case study is for educational purposes only. Results may vary due to your individual circumstances.

Case study on helping fibromyalgia with homeopathy by:

Michael ClearyHomeopath and General Practitioner at Wholistic Medical Centre