Overcome Depression with Homeopathy





Mainstream medicine and natural medicine approach dis-ease in the body in markedly different ways.


Rebecca* presented to the Wholistic Medical Centre with a range of symptoms.

She initially sought advice within mainstream medicine, yet the treatment options offered felt overwhelming and drastic: surgery for ingrown toenails, anti-depressants for psychological and emotional distress, sleeping tablets for insomnia and cortisone cream for eczema. Rebecca wanted to explore homeopathy as an alternative, less drastic treatment option.

There are several ways that homeopathy can help to overcome depression. By way of background, homeopathy uses natural substances to stimulate the body’s innate healing processes and can be used for almost any condition. It works on the ‘like cures like’ principle. Counter intuitively, patients presenting with certain symptoms may be treated with diluted doses of a related natural substance. For example, coffee is a stimulant, yet in diluted homeopathic doses, can be given to a patient who has trouble sleeping to calm their overactive mind.

Rebecca’s symptoms had been present for the past 5 years. During the consult, it was uncovered that her feelings of jealousy and irritability had been exacerbated by her parents’ separation.

Homeopathic treatment was implemented to begin to overcome her depression and improve general health. Rebecca was prescribed mineral salts and a plant-based remedy. Within one week, Rebecca’s eczema had reduced markedly, her sleep was much more restful and she felt more peaceful and less reactive to the emotional issues within her family.

After a month of intermittent doses of both remedies, much of Rebecca’s eczema had cleared, her emotions and sleep were calmed and her ingrown toenails were much less inflamed.

Rebecca avoided drastic treatment options of surgery and anti-depressants by working on  her underlying imbalance and supporting her body to health through homeopathic treatment.

* Name has been changed

This case study is for educational purposes only. Results may vary due to individual circumstances.

Case study on overcoming depression with homoeopathy by:

Michael ClearyHomeopath and General Practitioner, Wholistic Medical Centre