Is your pregnancy discomfort waking you up at night? Silence those aches and pains with pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time when your body is growing a brand new life inside you but it can be accompanied with discomfort, muscle aches and pains.

With your growing belly there is an increased weight shift anteriorly and this can tip your pelvis forward causing stress on your lower back and pelvis.

The growing baby places stress on your pelvic floor and impacts on your core strength.

Postural drainage caused by greater weight anteriorly due to increased breast size and growing baby bump attribute to upper back pain.

All these general musculo-skeletal changes during pregnancy can be relieved and managed safely with massage and is DRUG FREE.

Pregnancy massage is performed while lying on your side – so no shortness of breath or light headedness.

Pregnancy massage is gentle with no joint manipulation and will improve your mobility and blood flow.




Kyla Mayer has a special interest in Remedial & Pregnancy massage, pregnancy, women’s health, fertility, Traditional Chinese Medicine & lactation support.