Post partum hairloss


A friend of mine mentioned to me that she had noticed significant hair loss a few months after having her second child & it got me thinking about why this occurs and how acupuncture can help. What I discovered was that hair loss in pregnancy is closely linked to the hormonal changes in pregnancy & that acupuncture can assist with the body transitioning back to normal hair growth rates and give those baby hairs that pop up a boost!..


We all know that hormones play a big role in how we feel day-to-day and pregnancy changes & disrupts these hormonal balances. Acupuncture can assist with fine tuning the bodies fine hormonal balances by balancing cortisol levels to relieve stress, regulate adrenal function, and normalize your stress response (doesn’t this sound like what every new mum needs). Acupuncture is considered safe to use in pregnancy, but there is always risk involved with using acupuncture needles, however small. Some people are more sensitive than others but most people find acupuncture gentle. If acupuncture seems like the treatment for you and postpartum hair loss is affecting you,  why not give it a try?

In the meantime… try these tips to help support hair growth postpartum

  1. No harsh styling or wearing tight hair styles that nay break new hair growth.
  2. No harsh combing while hair is wet
  3. Warm oil massage to stimulate hair follicles, adding 5 drops of peppermint & lavender oil to a base oil such as jojoba or almond oil will help stimulate hair follicles (providing you don’t mind the oily residue it may leave on your hair)….

When massaging your scalp, use fingertips only and use both hands applying medium pressure to your scalp, moving in small circles across your scalp.

Try to massage your scalp for at least 5 minutes daily…

Remember, you got this,mamma..