The Worst Thing About Thrush

The worst thing about thrush is not the compulsive itching, the stinging or the burning pain. From the many women I have talked to with recurrent or chronic thrush I’m confident that the worst thing about thrush is a feeling of isolation, loss of self esteem, and the affect it can have on a woman’s confidence in intimate relationships.

Thrush is an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a yeast that can inhabit the bowel, vagina and mouth. Candida is opportunistic, which means that it grows and thrives when the balance of normal bacteria has been disrupted.


Things that disrupt the balance of bacteria in the vagina:

  • antibiotics

  • changes in estrogen throughout the menstrual cycle

  • long term use of medications such as the oral contraceptive pill

  • pregnancy or perimenopause

  • antibacterial or perfumed soaps or bath bombs

  • tight synthetic clothing

  • sex and types of sexual practices

  • diets high in sugar or low in nutrients

  • poor health and a weakened immune system

  • emotional stress

  • hygiene practices

Recurrent or chronic thrush


Most of the women I work with present with recurrent or chronic thrush. These women have often had repeated cycles for years and have treated it with anti-fungal medication from the pharmacy. Many have also discovered the anti-candida diet and have tried it with varying levels of success.


By the time I meet a woman with chronic thrush it can already have caused a devastating effect on her self esteem and confidence around sex. It is not uncommon for me to meet young women of 19 or 20 who have had thrush for 3 or more years without being able to find the help they need. The emotional stress from recurrent thrush can cause a ripple effect in other areas of their lives and often there is often no-one to talk to about it.


I believe that no woman should feel this way and it’s why I love to assist women to conquer thrush once and forever.

A naturopathic approach to thrush:


Anti-fungal herbal medicine is a very important step when treating thrush, however it’s often only the tip of the iceberg.


My priority when working with thrush is to restore a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria to the vagina. It is normal for Lactobacilli to be the predominant bacterial species in the vagina, so we will initiate steps (including specific probiotics) to restore balance. This process can take time and I usually recommend ongoing support for at least 6 months and sometimes up to 12 months, depending on how long you have been experiencing thrush.


We will track the pattern of thrush in your life and identify the likely contributors or triggers. Changes to lifestyle, hygiene and diet can be an essential part of the healing process, depending on your particular pattern or cycle of thrush.


I will support optimum estrogen levels throughout your menstrual cycle, which often includes supporting healthy liver and bowel function. We may also discuss stress management and immune system support, depending on your individual circumstances and health picture.


I am always very aware that thrush is a condition with emotional and sexual impacts. I love to use Australian bush flower essences as a way to support emotional healing while we improve the everyday symptoms, reduce the itch and restore balance.


If you are experiencing the physical and emotional impacts of thrush, then I hope you will work with me.