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Wholistic Medical Centre welcomes Red Tent

We are delighted to announce that Red Tent is now providing their services from within the Wholistic Medical Centre. Red Tent have long been known for providing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and massage for women and their families, and have now joined forces with Wholistic Medical Centre.

We would like to introduce you to Rebecca Mar Young and Kyla Mayer, two highly qualified and experienced practitioners from Red Tent who have recently joined our team.


Rebecca Mar Young

Rebecca Mar Young is one of the co-founders of Red Tent. She supports pregnant and post-natal women, couples seeking fertility and IVF support, babies and children, as well as all aspects of women’s health. Read more 

Kyla Mayer

Kyla Mayer has a special interest in pregnancy, women’s health, fertility, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Remedial & Pregnancy massage & lactation support.

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Please click on the practitioners to read more about them or to book an appointment with one of them online. Alternatively you can call the clinic on 02 9211 3811 and one of our friendly reception team will help schedule an appointment for you.