Japanese Acupuncture

Acupuncture began in China several thousand years ago and then spread into surrounding countries within Asia.

It has been practiced in Japan for 1400 years and over that time has developed its own particular styles and techniques.

As a holistic form of healing, Japanese Acupuncture treats the underlying cause of the problem as well as the symptoms that the patient has. The first part of the treatment identifies and treats any energetic imbalances that the patient presents with. This is called “the root treatment”, and when done effectively, assists the body’s innate healing abilities. The second part of the treatment is called “the branch treatment”, whereby various techniques are used to resolve the patient’s symptoms.

An important focus of Japanese Acupuncture is to match the techniques and dosages of the treatment with the constitutional body type of the patient. Diagnostic information from the pulses, hara (stomach region) and the meridians, along with the case history of the patient all shape the type of treatment and the dosage best suited to the individual. During treatment these diagnostic areas are checked and rechecked to make sure positive changes are happening within the patient.

Japanese Acupuncture varies from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in that it believes the energetic forces of the body are accessed close to the surface of the body. This means the needles are inserted quite shallowly and with minimal sensation, which is usually very comfortable for patients.

Our Japanese Acupuncture Practitioner(s)

Rebecca Mar Young – Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Paediatric Acupuncture - B.Hth.Sci TCM (UTS), Cert. TCM (Beijing), Cert IV R.M., B.Arts Comm (CSU), Post-Grad Cert. Jap Ac, Post-Grad Cert. Paed TCM, Certified Yoga Teacher RYTA 200

I support pregnant and post-natal women, couples seeking fertility and IVF support, babies and children, as well as all aspects of women's health. I use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to achieve improved health and wellness, which seeks to address the root cause of your issue.

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