At the Wholistic Medical Centre we offer a broad range of proven therapies from major evidence-based healthcare systems.

You will benefit from our knowledge and experience, developed over more than 35 years. You can choose your treatment from a range of major healthcare systems, from mainstream and complementary medicine.


…is a drug-free treatment for many acute and chronic conditions. It promotes health and alleviates pain by adjusting the flow of qi, or vital energy, through the body. Find out more »

Chinese Herbal Medicine

…uses the holistic philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to treat and prevent disease with herbal medicines.


…for short and long term support of mental, emotional, behavioural and relationship issues. Find out more »

General Medical Practice

…with a holistic health approach for all your general medical needs including: medical diagnosis, blood testing, radiology services and referrals to specialists and hospitals.
Find out more »

Herbal Medicine

…using medicines made from plants to prevent or treat disease, and promote health. Find out more »


…for drug-free treatment for many acute and chronic diseases, especially in children. Find out more »


… At the Wholistic Medical Centre, unlike some other clinics who prescribe cannabis, we will consult with you from a holistic perspective. Find out more »

Naturopathy / Nutritional Medicine

… using herbal medicine and nutrition for many aspects of health and wellbeing. Find out more »


… for muscle, joint and ligament pain and stiffness, headaches and postural correction. Find out more »