A beep signalled an SMS with the awaited results of my recent PCR test. I was struck immediately with shock, surprise and disbelief. It was positive. Throughout my life, during challenging times, I have always defaulted to pragmatism rather than panic. So, on receiving this news, I took a deep breath, sat down with my partner and worked out an action plan.

Like being in a rip in the ocean, the more we fight and resist the harder we make it. Being in iso can be the same. We can’t control our circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them.

As a health care practitioner, I was an early adopter, jumping at the chance to be vaccinated and receive the booster when it was available to me. So, despite testing positive to Covid-19, I knew my chances were good.

While I navigate iso, over the coming days I’ll share with you some ways to best prepare for the day you receive that SMS notice when your Covid-19 test returns positive and what to expect.


The government recommends treating mild Covid-19 symptoms like you would a seasonal flu with paracetamol or ibuprofen. A little while ago, my partner and I created a COVID-19 supplies box with all the medicines and paraphernalia we would need for this day. Please speak to your GP to see if these are suitable to your specific circumstances:

: Rapid Antigen Tests for household contacts

: Thermometer

: Pulse oximeter

: Ibuprofen

: Paracetamol

: Throat lozenges

: Betadine sore throat gargle

: Hydralyte

: N95 masks

Freezing bulk cooked meals is also a great idea and an enormous help during iso. Bolognese, lasagne and frozen New Zealand whiting fillets whiting fillets are my favourite options.

If you are asymptomatic or feel well enough, there are ways to keep active within your home. I’m using resistance tubes to help stretch and stay strong. You can purchase these from The WOD Life Foam rollers are also a great way to iron out stiff and tight muscles.


The first comms you will receive from NSW Health will be an SMS alerting that you returned a POSITIVE result for COVID-19. It will ask you to complete the form through a link in the SMS which will triage your health risk factors.

You will also be asked to self-isolate for 7 days starting from the date you had the RAT or PCR test. This isolation requirement will include anyone else in your household or other close contacts. If your symptoms, including sore throat, runny nose, cough or shortness of breath, continue after the 7 days you will need to remain in self-isolation until all those symptoms clear.

If you develop severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain, call triple zero (000) immediately.


Don’t hurt the ones you love. Become your own contact tracer. Alert those who you had more than 4 hours recent contact with that you have tested positive, as they are now identified as close contacts. They will be required to also isolate for 7 days and get a RAT or PCR test.

Lean on your friends. Reach out to someone to be your logistics person on the “outside” for groceries or supplies. If they like you a lot, they may even bless you with delivering home cooked meals.

I know it seems illogical and counter intuitive but despite living in the same house, your household contacts or intimate partner may not have contracted COVID-19. Try to keep as separate from them as much as possible by isolating in a separate room and everyone should wear a N95 mask. Despite testing positive, my partner, who I live with, has tested negative on 2 x RATs and 2 x PCR tests. COVID-19 works in mysterious ways.


During iso, feelings of being alone or in a silo can come up. Form your own community by reaching out to friends and family, particularly to others isolating at the same time. A shared experience can lighten the burden. We have formed a What’s App group with others who are isolating as well.

Make a Telehealth appointment with your GP to get assessed for a mental health care plan to access psychology services under Medicare.


Rest. Drink water. Eat and rest some more.

Your body’s immune system, with the help of the vaccine, will do all the hard lifting fighting the virus. Help them by being kind to yourself.

If you develop severe symptoms such as shortness of breath or chest pain, call triple zero (000) immediately.

In my iso I am fortunate to currently be asymptomatic. If you find yourself in this place here are some recommendations that are keeping me sane:

: Yoga with Adriene. Adriene and her lovely Blue Healer dog Benji offer free YouTube yoga videos. She leads a calm, non-competitive guide to yoga.

: Insight timer meditation phone app

: Resistance tube exercises. I’ll be sharing some home training videos on this very soon.


The thing my partner and I are looking forward to once we exit iso this weekend is immersing ourselves in the saltwater of Maroubra Beach.

Iso is teaching me how to be a good support person should one of my friends or loved ones go into isolation. Nothing will stop me from delivering gifts of fruit, veggies and home cooked meals made with love, understanding and blessings for a full recovery.