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  A beep signalled an SMS with the awaited results of my recent PCR test. I was struck immediately with shock, surprise and disbelief. It was positive. Throughout my life, during challenging times, I have always defaulted to pragmatism rather than panic. So, on receiving this news, I took a deep breath, sat down with […]

An Update On Endometriosis

Severe pain with your period? You might have endometriosis.   Endometriosis was first recognised and described 300 years ago. However it has been an under undiagnosed and under researched female inflammatory condition since then until now.   Fortunately, a few new areas of research are shedding some light on how naturopaths can best support women […]

The Worst Thing About Thrush

The worst thing about thrush is not the compulsive itching, the stinging or the burning pain. From the many women I have talked to with recurrent or chronic thrush I’m confident that the worst thing about thrush is a feeling of isolation, loss of self esteem, and the affect it can have on a woman’s […]

9 Tips For Healthy Bones After Menopause

I’m keen to be walking and exercising and living an active life for many years after menopause. Menopause is the time when our ovaries stop making estrogen, and our menstrual cycle ceases, around about the age of 51 on average. Estrogen is one of the factors that helps women to maintain bone health, so we […]

How do you eat? Is stress causing your bloating?

Many people with bloating or reflux have tried cutting out dairy or gluten, or both. They’ve been avoiding FODMAP foods and they’ve tried to eliminate coffee. By the time I see them they are feeling confused and wondering if food intolerance tests can pin down exactly what could be causing their symptoms. But what if […]

Post partum hairloss


hormones play a big role in how we feel day-to-day and pregnancy changes & disrupts these hormonal balances. Acupuncture can assist with fine tuning the bodies fine hormonal balances by balancing cortisol levels to relieve stress, regulate adrenal function, and normalize your stress response (doesn’t this sound like what every new mum needs).


Anxiety during pregnancy

Expecting mother have also had to face many changes and restrictions to their care delivered during Covid-19 and these unique times have added to the prevalence of perinatal anxiety. Acupuncture and can provide support for perinatal anxiety and permission to stop and rest when life can be overwhelming…

Healthy Women

12 Habits of Healthy Women

Some women radiate good health because of simple everyday choices based on a deep understanding of what their mind, body and soul need to maintain good health.

Naturopaths tips for bacterial vaginosis

Vaginal bacteria are part of the vaginal immune system. When vaginal bacteria become out of balance, other infections can occur, and you become at a greater risk of contracting an STI. To maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome, it is necessary to maintain the pH (acidity/alkalinity) of the vagina. Imbalanced vaginal microbiome can also contribute to infertility in some women.

painful periods

Is Your Period Pain Normal?

Many women experience some kind of pain with their periods, but period pain is definitely not normal in Chinese medicine. Statistics vary widely around the world but show that a significant number of women suffer from regular pain with their periods. It is so common that many women assume painful periods are normal because their friends have it too. Period pain is something that a lot of women just put up and manage with painkillers, heat packs or other medications every month. An experienced Chinese medicine practitioner will be able to assess what is out of balance and use acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine to assist in supporting your body towards a pain free and healthy menstrual cycle.

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