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Do you eat meals with your kids?

   The family that eats together nurtures confident children Meal time ideally is a time of family gathering, engaging in conversation where food is consumed around a table. Toddlers and children who grow up eating with the adults learn all sorts of valuable life lessons. Shared mealtimes teach our next generation acceptable mealtime behaviours and […]

Is Coffee bad for me?

Is coffee bad for me? We have long viewed coffee with suspicion. It was first introduced in Italy in the 17th century, but is coffee bad for me? When it was first introduced it was associated with political dissent and infamous coffee houses. Nowadays, coffee (caffeine) is commonly thought of as a drug. It alters mood and […]

Is my thyroid making me feel tired?

Feeling tired? Could be your thyroid. Our thyroid plays a key role in our body’s ability to function. Yet lifestyle factors like stress and diet can throw our thyroid out of balance and affect our body in a number of ways. A tired mother Sally*, a 36-year-old mother of two young children, had been feeling […]