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Recurrent colds and flu? Traditional Chinese Medicine may be able to support you back to wellness and back to work.

            For over a thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture have been helping people with all sorts of health problems. Here is one example – a very compromised immune system. 37 year-old Bianca* came to the Wholistic Medical Centre in Surry Hills because she had been suffering from […]

Fibroids with heavy menstrual periods and low energy: Chinese medicine may be helpful

  Heavy menstrual periods are a frustration for many women. Yet for some, heavy periods are caused by fibroids in the uterus and can lead to negative health effects, such as low iron levels and depleted energy. Rebecca*, a 41-year-old woman, visited the Wholistic Medical Centre suffering from fatigue and heavy menstrual periods. An ultrasound […]