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Are you confused about vaping? Evidence-based answers to 10 frequently asked questions*

Dr Nick Bassal answers your questions Does vaping help people to quit smoking? There is growing evidence that vaping (using personal vaporisers or electronic cigarettes) helps some people quit smoking. In the European Union, more than six million smokers reported quitting with the use of vaping and a further 1.5 million have quit using vaping […]

“What does this nausea in my stomach and tightness in my chest mean? ”

Chest tightness can stop a person from breathing deeply   Michelle* was in her late 40’s when she first came to the Wholistic Medical Centre. For the previous five years she had an upset stomach, felt nauseous every day, had some bloating after meals with bouts of diarrhoea alternating with constipation. She had been advised […]

Releasing strong or ‘stuck’ emotions can relieve physical symptoms

  When our system falls out of balance due to stress or a hectic lifestyle, it often shows up as dis-ease in the body. But did you know that unresolved emotional issues can also show up as physical symptoms and sensations in the body? Brian*, 35-years-old, came to see our naturopath at the Wholistic Medical […]